All life insurance companies are the same. (not!)

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All life insurance companies are the same. (not!)

If the insurance company cannot provide you with the proof you need, run as fast as you can, do not collect $200 and do not sign on the dotted line. I once had a life insurance policy that promised to earn interest yearly. It was so kind of education life insurance plan. I took this plan out, because it offered so great benefits, or so I thought. My children were barely 1 years old at the time. The maturity term to cash out was in five years. About 3 months before the cash out date, havoc broke loose, the company folded, and everyone lost their money.

The agent apparently had a scheme of his own going on, lucky dog. It is things like this you have to watch out for. Obviously, I wasn’t looking very hard. When I think about all the Similac and Enfamil milk I could I brought with that wasted money, I can kick myself, very hard.

That is one of life’s lessons, not knowing who to trust. Life insurance is good to have, if you find the right company to purchase it from. Who wants to spend 20 or 30 years paying on a life insurance policy only to be told, “You never qualified for our terms.” These are fighting words!

This is when the insurance company needs to call in the Calvary, because somebody is get a serious “beat down”. There are three things people don’t like to share or lose; especially, a woman. It’s their man, food and their money, but not exactly in that order.