10 of the Most Interesting Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

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10 of the Most Interesting Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Have you heard the phrase “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”? Some of the best reasons to consider life insurance may vary depending on the individual; however, let’s take the focus off all the “what ifs” and highlight reasons why life insurance is a crucial financial investment for all.

  1. “Chris was at the yellow light when the prancing horse on his Ferrari took a left turn in the right lane.” Be honest, consider how many times you’ve been distracted in the car and almost took “a wrong turn.”
  2. "Lee was going to join the army and wanted to learn how to shoot a gun; unfortunately, he did not hire a professional instructor.” Playing video games are one thing, but chasing your dreams without the proper insurance is another.
  3. “John started a l andscaping business and did not read the instruction manual for his equipment; his power tools got the best of him.” Sounds like a typical everyday scenario right? Most of life’s unpleasant events happen when we think we know what we are doing.
  4. “The Anderson family took a family trip to Peru and no one warned them about the deadly plague that took Aunt Jeanne’s life back in 2006.” Every family dreams of traveling the world. What every family does not enjoy is catching the bubonic plague, a rare but deadly disease.
  5. "On a visit to Gr andma’s retirement home, Dad got ran over by a man in a wheelchair and fell down five flights of stairs.” You cannot stop visiting Gr andma and surely it is not her fault her fellow friend has Alzheimer’s.
  6. “Free Willy wanted to personally say hello to little Johnny while in San Diego whale watching." Being eaten by a whale may not be the most common reason of death; however, never say never.
  7. “Black Friday shoppers broke out into a craze and started a riot resulting in two deaths.” Now to think Black Friday is a yearly event that most shoppers plan months, if not years, in advance, talk about a tough crowd.
  8. “Aston recently went skydiving for the first time and, to his surprise, his parachute was placed inside the backpack….left on the ground.” Not too many people think a freak accident like this happens too often, but when it does, be ready.
  9. “Uncle Chuck finished putting up the Christmas tree, but after he plugged it in, the electrical outlet blew and Uncle Chuck is no longer with us.” Electricity is a powerful commodity; we often forget the power of overworked electrodes.
  10. “The Butler Family went for a summer vacation on their family yacht; they somehow got lost and hit an iceberg.” Titanic took many lives, however no one thinks history will repeat itself anymore. Do not underestimate the power of ice.

What we can extract from the rare but possible life events above is the fact we never know what life may bring. Life only carries one guaranteed, and that is the fact of death is promised. Safeguard your family ensuring you do not miss life’s most memorable events.