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Insurance Fun Facts

We don’t always want to be serious and beat a dead horse about how much we want you to have the right insurance policies and always keep them updated! We also like fun stuff – we promise!  Check-out these super silly insurance-related facts we found on the wonderful internet – some of them might be … Continue reading “Insurance Fun Facts”

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The More You Know

Insurance can be one of the most confusing items in your life – but it shouldn’t be. If you know what questions to ask and can find someone to give you the right answers, you will find all the clarity you need. Here are some things we think you should know or ask in regards … Continue reading “The More You Know”

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American Dream

How would you describe the American Dream? By definition, it is the ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. The terms was originally coined in 1931 by writer and historian James Truslow in Epic of America. He wrote: … Continue reading “American Dream”

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Meet Debbie.

Meet Debbie. Debbie is going to share the story of Bob. Bob was a man from a large family, with a lot of drive, and successful in business and at home life. When Bob’s father died, he left his family penniless and Bob decided that he would never leave his own family in that same … Continue reading “Meet Debbie.”

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Travel Time

Any time is a good time to travel. Sure, it depends on where you want to go and the weather season, but for most of us, everything from a quick getaway to an extended exotic vacation is something we love to do and can’t ever come soon enough. You find the perfect location, plan your … Continue reading “Travel Time”

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Think Before You Act

I watched a report on television tonight about drugs and alcohol abuse. It wasn’t just one of those statistical reports that spouted off mindless numbers and socioeconomic causes. The show interviewed numerous different people: Current addicts Former addicts People currently in rehab centers People in hospitals due to permanent damage from substance abuse People in … Continue reading “Think Before You Act”

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Yes, You NEED Car Insurance

Have you ever been in a car accident? I have. Luckily, I have never been at fault, but unfortunately, I have been hit more than once by a driver that didn’t have insurance. Imagine this scenario: You are the first car at a complete stop at the red light of a major intersection. While listening … Continue reading “Yes, You NEED Car Insurance”

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Only Human

Things in our lives are constantly evolving, changing. It’s inevitable. There are many people who crack under the pressure and stress of change, making complicated situations even worse and slowing the growth process. We currently have numerous opportunities afforded to us that our ancestors quite possibly couldn’t even comprehend. I think those “perks” make the … Continue reading “Only Human”

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Doomsday – oops, Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Well, happy day AFTER Thanksgiving – or better known as Black Friday. Black Friday. The one day during the year where some people rush through the holiday family meal where they are supposedly giving thanks to/for all they have, only to go stand in line for hours to get a “deal” on items … Continue reading “Doomsday – oops, Black Friday!”

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Gobble, Gobble

Here comes Thanksgiving! In a few days we will all be sitting down with our favorite people (hopefully they rank among our favorites) and eat all the delicious food.  However, there are the dangers of Thanksgiving that one must be aware of (cue ominous music). For example, the classic, “Who poisoned the sweet potatoes and marshmallows?” Or, … Continue reading “Gobble, Gobble”