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Life Insurance

You never think twice about purchasing insurance for your car, or your house.  More likely than not you even go out of your way to purchase insurance for your jewelry.  How about your pet?  Yes, it is common these days to purchase Pet insurance too.  What about you?  What about insuring the income you product in case you die prematurely?  We all die.  No question about it.   We’re speaking here about dying prematurely, years before retirement.  Let’s face it, your family will suffer enough with the loss of you, so don’t make things even more painful by having them worry about money too.   Life insurance is inexpensive and easy to obtain.  Are you concerned you can’t qualify for life insurance?  At Susman Insurance Agency, we have a team devoted to “hard to insure” people and even if you have been declined life insurance, we can help.  We specialize in people who have been denied life insurance.  Chances are good that you are not too old or too ill to qualify for life insurance, if you take the time and let us help you.

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