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Your New Business

When you first announce that you are starting your own business, often the congratulatory well-wishes are quickly followed by unsolicited advice and opinions about…well, about everything.  From the name to logo to location to EVERYTHING – there will be someone there to tell you what you must have or need to do.   Guess what?  We are going to tell you what you need as well – at least in terms of insurance.  Having the right AND the right amount of insurance is crucial, critical, and mandatory for all new businesses.  Navigating the waters of insurance can sometimes be a rough and confusing experience.  That is where Susman Insurance Agency comes in and relieves you of confusion and provides answers to all your questions.

The insurance every start-up needs:

No matter what type of business you have, you need General Liability Insurance.  We speak about and you hear about liability insurance more often than you are aware of.  Not only does it protect against small calamities, but also cover any bodily injury or property damaged caused by you, your employees, or your product.  Nobody will do business with your new business without this type of insurance.  There is usually a standard amount for any new start-up, but the amount of liability insurance you need will be specific to your business.

What if one of your employees injured themselves on the job or develops a disability that prevents them from continuing working all together? Your start-up needs Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Not only does it provide protection from any potential legal complications, but it is also required by every state.  Yes, you must have it.  It provides benefits to employees injured while working.  Once they choose to utilize the benefits, they will be unable to pursue legal action against you or the business.

If you own anything (yes, anything) that is part of your new business, you need Property Insurance.  Office equipment, personal property, tools, company cars, computers, buildings, etc.… If the loss of any of those would prevent you from continuing ‘business as usual,’ you need to protect every one of those items and more.  Along similar lines as property insurance, there is also Commercial Auto Insurance.  This insurance protects vehicles that are used for any/all business purposes and covers any damages caused by car accidents, theft, vandalism, and more.

Professional Liability Insurance is something your start-up cannot go without.  Also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance, it provides defense and damages for any of your products or services that cause financial loss.  You might be thinking that it sounds a lot like General Liability Insurance – and it does – however, the level and type of protection are very different.  That is why you need Susman Insurance Agency to clarify such details and make sur e your new business has proper coverage.

Worried about what might happen if one of your partners or board members makes a major mistake that causes financial damages to the business?  You need Directors and Officers Insurance to protect you and the business against their bad decisions and help cover any damages or legal fees.  While we are talking about the VIPs within the hierarchy of your business, you should also consider getting Key Person Insurance.  If one of these people should die, this policy pays put a lump sum to the business and allows you to continue running the business without financial burden associated with the loss of the key person.

Transitioning from having a policy that covers the death of a key person, you also need a policy that covers your own demise.  Life Insurance will pay your beneficiary an amount based upon the premiums you paid and relieve them from financial burden that happens after a loved one dies.  You should already have Life Insurance and if you don’t, GET IT!  You pay a premium in exchange for the payment of benefits to the beneficiary. This type of insurance is very important because it allows for peace of mind.

Plan on utilizing any type of technology for your start-up?  You need protection! For starters, consider a Data Breach policy.  Storing any type of personal information on your computer network puts you at major risk for hacking and cyber-attacks.  Data Breach protects your business against the loss of information.  Additional policies for more severe cyber-attacks are also available – and yes, we believe you need them!

Let’s pretend you already have all the insurance needed for your start-up, but then you worry that you don’t have enough.  You can get additional coverage on all polices with Personal Umbrella Insurance.  This options allows you to extend the level of coverage on your current polices.  Once your original policies have been used, personal umbrella insurance will cover the rest (based upon the amount you purchased).

An option to bundle numerous insurance policies for your start-up comes in the form a Business Owner’s Policy.  This tidy package often includes business interruption insurance, property insurance, vehicle coverage, liability insurance, and crime insurance.  Your business needs are evaluated so the best bundle can be created for your specific needs.

If you don’t think you need any of these insurance policies, you are wrong.  If you think you can get by with only one or two policies, you are wrong – again.  Your start-up is the newest member of your family.  You protect your family with such insurance as health, auto, home, and life.  Why wouldn’t you choose to protect your newest an investment just the same?





Travel Time

Any time is a good time to travel. Sure, it depends on where you want to go and the weather season, but for most of us, everything from a quick getaway to an extended exotic vacation is something we love to do and can’t ever come soon enough.
You find the perfect location, plan your adventure, book the tickets, and upon check-out you are ask if you would like to purchase insurance to protect your trip.

Would you? Should you?

Often times not only do you wave goodbye to your family when departing for your vacation, but also to your insurance coverage – especially as soon as you leave the United States.
The most common items (deemed reasonable) covered by travel insurance include medical emergencies, visitor health insurance, delayed, lost, or stolen baggage, and trip cancellation/interruption (death, bodily injury, illness, disease, pregnancy complications, termination of employment, deployment, prohibition of travel to the destination, evacuation from the destination). Sometimes additional policies can be purchased for more specific needs such as pre-existing conditions, elective treatments or surgery, war, and terrorism. An added bonus of travel insurance is it is often there to help 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

So do you need it?

If you are a worrier, this might be a good way to give you peace of mind. If your trip is just a couple days domestically, you probably don’t need it. We gave you some of the pros and the type of coverage you can get, but there are also reason why you might decide not to get travel insurance. For example, you might already be covered on your current insurance, your credit card might already offer additional travel protection, or maybe you just aren’t worried about any type of loss. It all depends on the individual.

It is definitely worth the time to do some research about the coverage available and the health care services available at your destination. As always, it is better to be over-prepared.

Travel Without Worry
Travel Without Worry

Light It Up

The holiday season is in full swing and while everyone has their own traditions they follow and celebrate, many people enjoy sharing the holiday spirit be decorating the outside of their homes in beautiful lights.  Some displays are so amazing and magical, that people line up around neighborhood blocks waiting to drive by and look.

Serious lighting and decorating calls for some serious safety procedures.

Follow all manufacture instructions on all your decorations.

Always make sure you check ALL the lights before hanging.  You don’t want to cut your hand on broken bulbs or get them all up only to find out that nothing works. 

You also want to use waterproof bulbs to avoid any disasters due to a change in the weather. 

Use a sturdy ladder on a flat surface and hang the lights using holders – not nails. 

Only plug lights into the proper circuit and if you don’t have one for outside use, have one professionally installed ahead of time.

Avoid hanging anything near power lines.

Keep extensions cords wrapped and secured in a safe and orderly place.

We love checking out amazing holiday décor – just like most people.  We also want you to have a pleasant holiday season and not have to call us for an insurance claim due to a decoration/lighting-related incident!  A few simple safety precautions can help you avoid injury – to you, your home, and you bank account!


Beautiful Christmas lights display.
Beautiful Christmas lights display.

Road to Recovery

Cindy and Matt started saving for retirement around the time they first got married and when they purchased their first home. Their insurance agent assisted them with more structured financial planning, to include disability insurance as a ‘just in case.’ Once Cindy’s health changed, the insurance was sued to keep the family from entering financial ruin.

Regular Updates

Jeanne worked with Linda in a successful real estate business. They were hesitant and nervous about discussing insurance, but eventually purchased policies. The insurance agents helped update the policies as needed – making sure the business would be protected and the families not held responsible. The update of the policies saved the financial future of all parties involved.

Stay At Home

Life insurance isn’t just for the main providers so all of you stay at home parents, listen up! This one is for you!

If you’re lucky enough to have the option of allowing one parent to stay at home with the kiddos and you choose to do so, please don’t undervalue your worth.

Being a stay-at-home parent is the hardest job on the planet and the most unappreciated. You never have a day off, you work 24/7, you don’t get a paycheck, you get puked on, spit on and pooped on and that’s just par for the course. It’s incredibly hard and exhausting, but it is also the most rewarding job out there because you are raising little humans. Seriously, how cool is that? You’re responsible for aiding in the development of personality and character. You are teaching about honor and good work ethic.

Now imagine leaving all that in the hands of some under qualified, cheap babysitter. NOT OKAY. If anything ever happens to you stay-at-home parents, don’t you want to know for certain that the jobs YOU take on day in and day out will still get done by people who have heart and are educated to do so? That will cost money. No matter how you feel when you’re getting puked on, your job is massive. Your shoes are big ones to fill. Don’t undervalue your worth. Protect yourself today.iStock_000008235598XSmall

Learn From Cindy and Matt

Cindy and Matt started saving for retirement around the time they first got married and when they purchased their first home. Their insurance agent assisted them with more structured financial planning, to include disability insurance as a ‘just in case.’ Once Cindy’s health changed, the insurance was sued to keep the family from entering financial ruin.

We Promise

For a LONG time, affordable life insurance was a benefit offered to only the young, healthy, non-threatening people of the world. In the past, age mattered. Your healthy history mattered and even your financial status played a role simply because if you didn’t fall into the group of “young and healthy” and you weren’t “well off” there was no way you could afford life insurance of any kind.

Those rules are NO MORE.

We offer:
*Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance
*High Risk Life Insurance
*Critical Illness Life Insurance
*Physician Free Life Insurance
*Mortgage Protection Life Insurance
*Instant Term Life Insurance

We have policies for:


We are not interested in screwing people out of their money. We are not interested in wasting your time or blowing smokepromises, promising things we can not deliver. We’re not going to sucker you in and then leave you hanging. We’re in it for the duration. We’re here to answer your questions, ease your concerns and offer you the support you need. We’re not a company that offers good life insurance. We are a company that offers GREAT life insurance. Any issue, any budget, any medical condition…we can help you get the coverage you need at a price you want!

Contact one of our life insurance brokers TODAY!

Jeff and Amanda

Jeff and Amanda were high school sweethearts that got married. Jeff loved cars and ran a very successful business. To fund and protect the business, the owners decided to purchase key person insurance to ensure protection of the business. The foresight to protect the business helped cover the tragedy of losing Jeff in an accident.


A Little Free Will Goes a Long Way

fateI have a little story to tell you…
Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple who had just arrived home from the hospital after welcoming a beautiful new addition to their family. This little bundle was EVERYTHING to her parents. She had only been breathing oxygen for 48 hours and somehow she had already managed to mommy’s heart and wrap daddy around her itty-bitty finger. They lived a moderate life but they loved each other fiercely and that was always enough.

Tragedy struck late one night when fate stepped in, altering their journey forever. Mom and dad were driving home from an anniversary date on a cool October evening when they were hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Now let’s talk about free will

Thankfully, the parents had chosen to buy life insurance…
Of course the young girl struggled immensely with the loss of her parents, but they had set up a plan which was executed by good, honest people. The young girl was able to continue growing up in a moderately comfortable environment. She worked hard in school and was accepted into the college of her dreams which she was able to attend due to her parent’s proper planning making it financially possible for her to go. While there, she met people who became friends for life, and who helped her on her journey through school and then out into the big world of career planning. She landed a great job and found her chemical match in an artsy, ambitious man who challenged her daily to be the very best in her field and in life.

Imagine how different her life would have been if her parents hadn’t chosen to protect their daughter’s future. Their death was a horrible tragedy but in it, they were able to give their daughter the gift of life…and a great one at that.

We offer life insurance for parents, young or old, gay or straight, healthy or sick. Please get in touch with us today. We’d love to chat with you.