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Insurance Fun Facts

We don’t always want to be serious and beat a dead horse about how much we want you to have the right insurance policies and always keep them updated! We also like fun stuff – we promise!  Check-out these super silly insurance-related facts we found on the wonderful internet – some of them might be … Continue reading “Insurance Fun Facts”

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Love Your Heart

February is quickly approaching and it’s American Heart Month! While the month is close to being over, thoughts of forgetting about heart health should be far from your mind. After all, there is a direct link between your heart health and your life insurance coverage. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause … Continue reading “Love Your Heart”

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American Dream

How would you describe the American Dream? By definition, it is the ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. The terms was originally coined in 1931 by writer and historian James Truslow in Epic of America. He wrote: … Continue reading “American Dream”

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Think Before You Act

I watched a report on television tonight about drugs and alcohol abuse. It wasn’t just one of those statistical reports that spouted off mindless numbers and socioeconomic causes. The show interviewed numerous different people: Current addicts Former addicts People currently in rehab centers People in hospitals due to permanent damage from substance abuse People in … Continue reading “Think Before You Act”

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New Year Update

As humans, people, consumers, etc… We love to constantly update our life status, as well as be up-to-date on the latest and greatest. It can be the newest cell phones, techno-gadgets, movies, and fashion – whatever. We like to appear to our social universe as being interesting, exciting, fresh, and new. It is a competition … Continue reading “New Year Update”

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Only Human

Things in our lives are constantly evolving, changing. It’s inevitable. There are many people who crack under the pressure and stress of change, making complicated situations even worse and slowing the growth process. We currently have numerous opportunities afforded to us that our ancestors quite possibly couldn’t even comprehend. I think those “perks” make the … Continue reading “Only Human”

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Fur Baby Love

We love our fur babies. Chances are if you have one, you love yours as well. Pets are members of the family. They play the role of child, companion, therapist, and best friend. There isn’t much we wouldn’t do for those cute, furry little effaces with suck-you-in-and-wrap-you-around-their-paw-eyes. So we say. What happens when a major … Continue reading “Fur Baby Love”

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Cyber Monday

Welcome to Cyber Monday – a newer holiday season shopping tradition where rather than in-store door-buster deals, you can find crazy deals online at many your favorite online retailers.  Because so much shopping will take pace online today, it is very important to protect yourself, your credit card information, and to know how to shop … Continue reading “Cyber Monday”

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Protecting What’s Valuable

When you look down, so you see a beautiful, sparkling diamond on your finger? Perhaps there is an amazing piece of jewelry hanging around your neck? Maye you have heirloom earring that always catch everyone’s attention? How about one-of-a kind fur coat, silver serving utensils, or unique patterned china? Maybe your most prized possessions differ … Continue reading “Protecting What’s Valuable”

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Stop Seeking Clarity – It’s Right Here

Insurance. Simply defined, it is: a :  the business of insuring persons or property b :  coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril c :  the sum for which something is insured 2 :  a means of guaranteeing protection or safety <the … Continue reading “Stop Seeking Clarity – It’s Right Here”