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Month: December 2016

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New Year Update

As humans, people, consumers, etc… We love to constantly update our life status, as well as be up-to-date on the latest and greatest. It can be the newest cell phones, techno-gadgets, movies, and fashion – whatever. We like to appear to our social universe as being interesting, exciting, fresh, and new. It is a competition … Continue reading “New Year Update”

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Only Human

Things in our lives are constantly evolving, changing. It’s inevitable. There are many people who crack under the pressure and stress of change, making complicated situations even worse and slowing the growth process. We currently have numerous opportunities afforded to us that our ancestors quite possibly couldn’t even comprehend. I think those “perks” make the … Continue reading “Only Human”

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Could you live without income?

One day after Christmas and here we are again! Now that you’ve opened your presents, let’s take a step backwards. Those presents cost some real moola, wouldn’t you agree? Question is if you were unable to work, how would you have afforded to buy all of those gifts? Join Karl Susman and guests this week … Continue reading “Could you live without income?”

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Protect That Payment

The purchasing of a new home means you need some additional insurance. Something you should consider is Mortgage Protection Insurance. Mortgage Protection Insurance is like life insurance protection for your home or property. It pays your mortgage in situations like death, loss of your income source or job or become disabled.  The cost of Mortgage Protection … Continue reading “Protect That Payment”

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Fur Baby Love

We love our fur babies. Chances are if you have one, you love yours as well. Pets are members of the family. They play the role of child, companion, therapist, and best friend. There isn’t much we wouldn’t do for those cute, furry little effaces with suck-you-in-and-wrap-you-around-their-paw-eyes. So we say. What happens when a major … Continue reading “Fur Baby Love”

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The broken higher education system

Higher education is a must. What a High School diploma was 50 years ago now requires a College Bachelors degree. Join Karl Susman this week as he and his guests talk about how to pay for higher education. Transcript below: JIM: Welcome to this week’s show. I’m so excited. Today we have the president of … Continue reading “The broken higher education system”

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We All Need a Doctor At Some Point

What are the chances you will get sick soon?  We all need to see a doctor at some point, which means we all need health insurance.  When searching for health insurance coverage, make sure you know your options.  Understanding the different types of policies is extremely important and can affect the amount you pay and … Continue reading “We All Need a Doctor At Some Point”

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Through the Window

How do you protect your home? We are sure you know there are many ways to keep your home safe and secure – alarm system, cameras, attack dog, armed guards, etc.… Did you know one important piece of home safety and security are your windows? Your windows are basically used to keep the good in … Continue reading “Through the Window”

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Best Places to Retire

Ready to retire? Maybe you are not ready to retire, however you want to plan for it. What do want to do when you retire? Travel? You bet! Join Karl Susman on this week’s podcast when he and guests talk about some of the best places to retire. Transcript follows: JIM: Where is the best … Continue reading “Best Places to Retire”

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Don’t Be Afraid

Are you afraid to talk about life insurance?  Do you have life insurance? Often our blogs are loosely related to insurance, because we want to be able to relate them to your everyday life.  YOUR LIFE. You know, that gift you were given and hopefully making the most of every single day.  Sadly, we have … Continue reading “Don’t Be Afraid”