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Month: November 2016

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Cyber Monday

Welcome to Cyber Monday – a newer holiday season shopping tradition where rather than in-store door-buster deals, you can find crazy deals online at many your favorite online retailers.  Because so much shopping will take pace online today, it is very important to protect yourself, your credit card information, and to know how to shop … Continue reading “Cyber Monday”

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Can You Get Extended Care Without Burdening Loved Ones?

We are all living longer than ever before. As we age, well, things start happening with our bodies. We need a little extra help, a little extra care. We need long-term care insurance. The question becomes is it cost effective to purchase long-term care insurance and if so at what age? Is it even worth … Continue reading “Can You Get Extended Care Without Burdening Loved Ones?”

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Doomsday – oops, Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Well, happy day AFTER Thanksgiving – or better known as Black Friday. Black Friday. The one day during the year where some people rush through the holiday family meal where they are supposedly giving thanks to/for all they have, only to go stand in line for hours to get a “deal” on items … Continue reading “Doomsday – oops, Black Friday!”

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Gobble, Gobble

Here comes Thanksgiving! In a few days we will all be sitting down with our favorite people (hopefully they rank among our favorites) and eat all the delicious food.  However, there are the dangers of Thanksgiving that one must be aware of (cue ominous music). For example, the classic, “Who poisoned the sweet potatoes and marshmallows?” Or, … Continue reading “Gobble, Gobble”

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Renters Insurance Tips – November 2016

Do you rent a house or apartment? If you do, chances are the landlord required you to get Renters insurance. Sure, you got some old policy, but do you know what it is you have? Would you purchase it if you weren’t forced to in the first place? This week Karl Susman speaks with Maureen … Continue reading “Renters Insurance Tips – November 2016”

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Meet Jermaine

Meet Jermaine Suggs and learn about the important role that Life Insurance played in his personal experience.

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So Little Time

Wake. Workout. Eat. Shower. Coffee. Makeup. Hair. Coffee. Clothes. Drive. Coffee. Work, Work, Work, Work. Eat. Work, Work, Work, Work. Drive. Eat. Makeup. Hair. Clothes. Drive. Socialize. Eat. Drive. Sleep. REPEAT.  (sometimes I forget about the whole eating and sleeping thing) That is just a ‘normal’ day. That doesn’t include my to-do list. Life is … Continue reading “So Little Time”

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Electronics breakage insurance

Chances are if you’re listening to this show, and thank you by the way, you’re listening on a computer or a mobile phone. The begging question is do you have insurance to cover your mobile phone or computer in the event you drop it, or somebody walks off, or runs off with it? Coverage is … Continue reading “Electronics breakage insurance”

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Protecting What’s Valuable

When you look down, so you see a beautiful, sparkling diamond on your finger? Perhaps there is an amazing piece of jewelry hanging around your neck? Maye you have heirloom earring that always catch everyone’s attention? How about one-of-a kind fur coat, silver serving utensils, or unique patterned china? Maybe your most prized possessions differ … Continue reading “Protecting What’s Valuable”

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How to save money on car insurance

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements telling us how to save money on car insurance. There is a good way to save money and a bad way. The good way does just that – save you money without taking away valuable coverage that you need. The bad way is, well, not listening to this … Continue reading “How to save money on car insurance”