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Month: August 2016

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Long Term Care Policies

Lynda and Alan were employed with the same organization and took advantage of the long term care policies offered through the insurance company. Alan started to slowly lose his memory and his health took a bad turn. The insurance they had purchased many years before provided the financial assistance they needed to survive.

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Stay At Home

Life insurance isn’t just for the main providers so all of you stay at home parents, listen up! This one is for you! If you’re lucky enough to have the option of allowing one parent to stay at home with the kiddos and you choose to do so, please don’t undervalue your worth. Being a … Continue reading “Stay At Home”

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Learn From Cindy and Matt

Cindy and Matt started saving for retirement around the time they first got married and when they purchased their first home. Their insurance agent assisted them with more structured financial planning, to include disability insurance as a ‘just in case.’ Once Cindy’s health changed, the insurance was sued to keep the family from entering financial … Continue reading “Learn From Cindy and Matt”

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We Promise

For a LONG time, affordable life insurance was a benefit offered to only the young, healthy, non-threatening people of the world. In the past, age mattered. Your healthy history mattered and even your financial status played a role simply because if you didn’t fall into the group of “young and healthy” and you weren’t “well … Continue reading “We Promise”

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Jeff and Amanda

Jeff and Amanda were high school sweethearts that got married. Jeff loved cars and ran a very successful business. To fund and protect the business, the owners decided to purchase key person insurance to ensure protection of the business. The foresight to protect the business helped cover the tragedy of losing Jeff in an accident. … Continue reading “Jeff and Amanda”

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A Little Free Will Goes a Long Way

I have a little story to tell you… Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple who had just arrived home from the hospital after welcoming a beautiful new addition to their family. This little bundle was EVERYTHING to her parents. She had only been breathing oxygen for 48 hours and somehow she had … Continue reading “A Little Free Will Goes a Long Way”