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Brandon Talks Critical Illness

From Brandon: Twelve years ago, I finally opened the business of my dreams.  After decades stuck inside an office, I was able to leave it all behind for a now thriving coffee house. From day one, it was perfect.  Sure there were some struggles here and there, but nothing that killed my spirit or deterred … Continue reading “Brandon Talks Critical Illness”

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We ALL Need To Be Covered

“Wait, you mean I need life insurance?”…Asked the inner monologue of my twenty-something (ok, maybe late or even WAY later twenties) year old self. I wasn’t married, didn’t have kids, and nowhere near retirement.  I thought life insurance was an ‘old person thing’ that you were required to purchase at a certain age or after some lifetime … Continue reading “We ALL Need To Be Covered”

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Father Knows Best

Alysia learned from her father early on in life exactly what she would need to so in case something ever happened to her parents. She never gave it a second thought, but after her life changed dramatically and she experienced medical issues with her father, she quickly became aware of the importance of the pre-planning … Continue reading “Father Knows Best”

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Got Questions? We Got Answers…and Policies!

So tell us… Are you old? Are you young? Are you afraid of health exams? Are you are over 50? Are you are over 80? Are you gay? Are you single? Are you married? Are you fighting cancer? Are you a parent? Are you a pet lover? Are you on a budget? Are you are … Continue reading “Got Questions? We Got Answers…and Policies!”

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Never Too Early

Larry was a very loved and respected man amongst his friends, family, and peers. He and his wife started financial planning to make sure they took advantage of all employee benefits available and combine it with policy recommendations from the insurance agent. Larry’s health changed and tragedy struck. The family would not have been able … Continue reading “Never Too Early”

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Critical Illness Insurance – Too Important to Live Without

There are numerous insurance policies from you to choose from.  From the serious to the not-so-serious, it can get extremely confusing trying to determine which policies work best for both your personal and professional life.  One type of insurance that has been found to be extremely important is Critical Illness Insurance. Critical illness Insurance is … Continue reading “Critical Illness Insurance – Too Important to Live Without”

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Dale and Diana

Diana and Dale had an amazing blended family with successful careers and respect from the community. Dale purchased life insurance and disability insurance to make sure he covered death and injury. Without the policies that Dale purchased early in the marriage, the family would not have be financially secure and been able to continue living … Continue reading “Dale and Diana”

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Take Advantage

Today was my last day of vacation. Bright and early tomorrow, I will put the tires to the road again and head back home.  Back to the grind.  Back to ‘normal.’ I have never been to Kentucky, or anywhere that far south, but I was told it is absolutely beautiful – and what I was … Continue reading “Take Advantage”

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Critical Illness Insurance

Do you know what Critical Illness Insurance is? Watch the video and you will! Did you know we offer Critical Illness Insurance? Now you do!