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In An Instant

Melissa and Mark were married and had children together. After a tragic accident only one year into marriage a two weeks before the birth of their child, Melissa was informed that Mark had the protection that was needed to keep the family going.

Why Not To Buy

I thought I would make a quick list of reasons why you should NOT buy life insurance.  Yes, I said NOT.  I asked around, talked to clients, customers and friends, and here are the top five reasons not to buy life insurance:

  1. I have no friends, family or charity to leave money to
  2. I have no debt and do not want to create an estate for anyone or any organization
  3. I have found a way to avoid 100% of estate taxes, also known as Death Taxes
  4. Nobody is dependent on my income other than me
  5. I am immortal

So there are reasons not to buy life insurance.  Just kidding.  Those aren’t really a solid top 5, but you get the point.  Seriously, everybody needs life insurance.  The key is to find the right type of policy for you.  Some life insurance policies pay you money back in the form of dividends or interest while you are alive, so it is as much of a savings account as it is a policy to pay out when you die!  Ask questions, get answers.  Find the right life insurance policy for you.

Meet Leslie

Actress Leslie Bibb had to grow up without a father due to his unexpected death when she was a young girl. Her mother had to raise four girls on her own. Her father had a life insurance policy that help keep the family stable and be able to continue on without the stress of financial worry.

Millennials Need It Too

Okay Millennials – YES…you should be educated about life insurance and know when you should get it!  Facing financial decisions head-on is the only way to protect your financial future.

You may not be at a point in your life where you need life insurance.  Maybe you aren’t married and don’t have any dependents, but you should still consider other items associated with life insurance.  You need to have something to cover final expenses and burial costs and you need it if your death would leave any financial burden on someone in your life.  Don’t be that person – you know, the one that leave someone in a lurch.

You can avoid this issue by getting life insurance!  Additionally, it also covers replacement income, debts, and allows you to leave someone an inheritance.

Purchasing life insurance now will be cheaper than waiting when you get older.  You might not need a big policy at the moment, so you can purchase one that is more budget conscious.

There isn’t just one policy that fits for all millennials or for everyone.  You have to speak to an insurance agent, research you options, explore your situation, get quotes, and choose the right policy.  It takes time – which mean the “give it to me now” ideals you have as a millennial need to be squashed.  Be prepared – you will mostly likely need a medical exam as well.

Don’t be afraid – it is a big step, but a necessary one AND part of being an adult.




Fixer Upper

Looking to spend a portion of your summer vacation making improvements and updates to your home?  While  you are going to incur additional expenses regardless, there are many ways you can make inexpensive renovations to your kitchen.

1. Reorganize! Drawers, cupboards, and counter space – they could all use some good organization and clean-up. It is free and decluttering always helps relieve stress!

2. Update! Give your kitchen walls an instant update with a fresh coat of paint or adding some nice framed photos and artwork.

3. Shop for the best deal and replace your oven hood with a shiny new one! This can make a huge difference in your kitchen.

4. While you are at it, replace your old faucets with shiny new ones as well.

5.  Invest in some lamps, new light fixture, or better light bulbs.

6.  Sometimes replacing knobs and handles make a bigger impact the replacing the cabinetry all together.  You can opt for a cheaper version and re-staining the cabinets for a new look.

7. Update the backsplash by creating a new one or using adhesive tiles over your existing one to create a new design.

Just remember – whether it is a small update or a complete remodel overhaul, make sure you speak to your insurance agent and update your home owners policy.  You don’t want all your hard work to be unprotected!



I have about a 30+ mile commute to work. I know, for many people, the commute is much longer.
I have no choice but to take the highway – a highway that only has a few exits between my home and the office. That means if there is a car accident or road construction, I am stuck in standstill traffic for what feels like an eternity before I can even attempt to find another option. It sucks. What makes it worse in the number of AWFUL car accidents I witness each week.
Recently I had a major scare. It was easily the closest I have come in a long time to getting in a serious car accident.

I watched a pick-up truck cut across two lanes of highway traffic, barely miss the front of a semi-truck, and hit the side of another vehicle, which made them both spin out and land in the median. The car in front of me almost hit the semi-truck when trying to stop and as I pumped my brakes, the car behind me squealed off to the shoulder to avoid rear-ending my car. The car that got hit by the pick-up truck was in the median, but its front end was sticking out on the highway. I was only about a foot away from hitting that car. It all happened in a flash and was nothing short of scary. My heart was racing and my hands shaking. This was the fast version of the story, but an event that had a major impact on me. This is another situation where in just a quick moment, EVERYTHING can change.

It is SO important to be as prepared as possible. Stop procrastinating and contact us today. You NEED a good car insurance. You need health insurance. You need a life insurance policy and you NEED it NOW!

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid! Getting Life Insurance is NOT scary!

Stop worrying. Just fill-out the form to get a quote.

Do Something. Doing nothing and avoiding it only causes problems.

We just need a little bit of information to get you started. We aren’t asking for a sample of your DNA or the use of your first born child. We just want to know a little bit about you so we can help YOU find the coverage and policy that best fits your needs.

We don’t ask a bunch of unnecessary questions. Topics that aren’t our business don’t apply. We aren’t nosey. Promise.

Again, we are only here to help.

Worried about being denied? Don’t be. We work hard to get you approved.

Scared about the results of a medical exam? Don’t be.

We specialize in finding policies for all unique situations. Besides, how do you know if you will be accepted if you don’t try in the first place.

We are unlike any other insurance company. To be honest, we think we are the best! We are straightforward and professional, but very friendly and personal. We understand that no two situations are alike and treat each new client as a stand-alone case. No comparisons or judgments.

We just wanted to offer you the assistance with purchasing a life insurance policy that you haven’t experienced with another agent.

Don’t be afraid to contact us!