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In An Instant

Melissa and Mark were married and had children together. After a tragic accident only one year into marriage a two weeks before the birth of their child, Melissa was informed that Mark had the protection that was needed to keep the family going.

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Why Not To Buy

I thought I would make a quick list of reasons why you should NOT buy life insurance.  Yes, I said NOT.  I asked around, talked to clients, customers and friends, and here are the top five reasons not to buy life insurance: I have no friends, family or charity to leave money to I have no … Continue reading “Why Not To Buy”

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Meet Leslie

Actress Leslie Bibb had to grow up without a father due to his unexpected death when she was a young girl. Her mother had to raise four girls on her own. Her father had a life insurance policy that help keep the family stable and be able to continue on without the stress of financial … Continue reading “Meet Leslie”

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Millennials Need It Too

Okay Millennials – YES…you should be educated about life insurance and know when you should get it!  Facing financial decisions head-on is the only way to protect your financial future. You may not be at a point in your life where you need life insurance.  Maybe you aren’t married and don’t have any dependents, but … Continue reading “Millennials Need It Too”

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Fixer Upper

Looking to spend a portion of your summer vacation making improvements and updates to your home?  While  you are going to incur additional expenses regardless, there are many ways you can make inexpensive renovations to your kitchen. 1. Reorganize! Drawers, cupboards, and counter space – they could all use some good organization and clean-up. It … Continue reading “Fixer Upper”

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I have about a 30+ mile commute to work. I know, for many people, the commute is much longer. I have no choice but to take the highway – a highway that only has a few exits between my home and the office. That means if there is a car accident or road construction, I … Continue reading “NOW!”

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Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid! Getting Life Insurance is NOT scary! Stop worrying. Just fill-out the form to get a quote. Do Something. Doing nothing and avoiding it only causes problems. We just need a little bit of information to get you started. We aren’t asking for a sample of your DNA or the use of your … Continue reading “Don’t Be Afraid”