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All Choked Up

I have had the unfortunate ‘pleasure’ of experiencing numerous surgeries during my life thus far. None of them have been fun and all of them have been painful. I am grateful that each and every surgery served their purpose, but I am still counting the days with a HUGE smile on my face since the … Continue reading “All Choked Up”

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Long Live YOU

When was the last time you had a physical, a medical exam or blood work? Your body is the most precious personal gift you own and you want to last as long as possible, right? Well, why not get the insurance coverage you need, so you can stay healthy and live longer. If you are … Continue reading “Long Live YOU”

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Too Unique

Last night I went to a concert at a new venue in Vegas . It was loud, smoky, and full of numerous interesting people. By interesting, I mean people that choose very eclectic and unique ways to present themselves to the public. I am ALL for people being unique and forging their own way, but … Continue reading “Too Unique”

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Refresh. Renew.

It is time to renew! Within the next couple of months, I will be renewing my car insurance, health insurance, lease, driver’s license, and cable television. It is crazy that when I first sign-up for something, it seems like expirations and renewals are SO far off in the future that I don’t really need to … Continue reading “Refresh. Renew.”

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One-way Rollercoaster

Life can be like a rollercoaster- full of ups and downs, corkscrews, high speeds and maybe even some motion sickness. There are times when all of us feel like we don’t matter as much as we should or even that we are undeserving of certain things. No matter how many sudden drops you are thrown … Continue reading “One-way Rollercoaster”

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Celebrate the Ones You Love

Cinco de Mayo was yesterday and boy did I eat my fair share of tacos! To tell you the truth, the 5th of May has absolutely nothing to do with how many tacos I eat. They are a part of my regular diet! YUM! Like many people, I like to use Cinco de Mayo and … Continue reading “Celebrate the Ones You Love”

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30 and Thriving

Uh oh…is 30 quickly approaching or GASP – has it already arrived? 16, 18, 21, 20 40, and so on. These tend to be what many people consider to be major steps and age/birthday celebrations in life. Of course these are only few among numerous milestones, but you get what we are saying. So many … Continue reading “30 and Thriving”