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All Choked Up

I have had the unfortunate ‘pleasure’ of experiencing numerous surgeries during my life thus far. None of them have been fun and all of them have been painful. I am grateful that each and every surgery served their purpose, but I am still counting the days with a HUGE smile on my face since the last time I had a surgery – this is the longest I have gone without! (knock on wood)

During one of the procedures, the anesthetic wore off too soon and I woke while still being operated on. Believe me, it was as much of a shock to me as it was to the surgery team. I freaked and yanked the breathing tube from my throat and caused a ton of damage to my esophagus. So now, I choke a lot. The biggest culprit – peanut M&Ms. I love that delicious treat, but almost like clockwork when I eat them I choke. Bad. I takes a good slam to the back to get it out and then hours for my eyes to stop watering and throat to stop hurting. I should stop eating them, but that has yet to happen.

Like EVERYONE, I still take part in activities that I know I shouldn’t and that put me at a greater risk for injury or illness. It is stupid and reckless, but they taste SO good!

That goodness I have almost every type of insurance coverage on myself possible…

Now, where are my M&Ms?


Long Live YOU

When was the last time you had a physical, a medical exam or blood work? Your body is the most precious personal gift you own and you want to last as long as possible, right? Well, why not get the insurance coverage you need, so you can stay healthy and live longer.

If you are planning to buy your first home, or have a baby, you need to plan ahead. Life may throw you a few curve balls, you may not see coming, but you will be prepared when they arrive. Nevertheless, your insurance company may offer you lower premiums, more medical benefits and better coverage. Not having the right insurance is just as stressful as not having any insurance. You need to have the right insurance and combine it with living a healthy lifestyle.

Get a regular checkup, keep all doctor and dental appointments, avoid eating foods that are high in sugar and fat content, and put down the remote control, get out of the E-Z boy and jog down the street a few times a week. \

Just like you planned your wedding, your engagement, your anniversary and your baby shower, put the same precise planning to use when you are looking for health and life insurance. You deserve to live life to the fullest without any worry.

Put aside the pride, go to the gym, and watch a health fanatic workout. It might inspire you to appreciate the finer things in life, that money cannot buy, good health, peace of mind, and longevity.

Too Unique

Last night I went to a concert at a new venue in Vegas . It was loud, smoky, and full of numerous interesting people. By interesting, I mean people that choose very eclectic and unique ways to present themselves to the public. I am ALL for people being unique and forging their own way, but I laughed to myself looking around at everyone who was trying to be so unique with different clothing and hairstyles and in the end, they all looked the same. I think that being unique is no longer unique. It feels at times that people try so hard to be different, but all they are doing is copying somebody else’s unique choices. There is nothing individual about that. Sure, it is okay to find things that other people like and follow suit. It is okay to be part of current trends. However, life for everyone would be so much more enriching and full of more fulfilling experiences if every once in a while people really did choose to be unique and follow the road less traveled. Having said all that, there are a few things in life that we ALL should do – pay taxes, contribute to society, get a life insurance policy. You can still be an individual and be unique, while you so love and provide protection for your family.
Avoiding getting any of the insurance that you need doesn’t make unique. It makes you irresponsible. Be unique by doing the right thing for your family and providing the protection they need.

Refresh. Renew.

It is time to renew!

Within the next couple of months, I will be renewing my car insurance, health insurance, lease, driver’s license, and cable television. It is crazy that when I first sign-up for something, it seems like expirations and renewals are SO far off in the future that I don’t really need to worry about it. In actuality, with how fast time goes by and how bust my life is. I almost have to start saving and planning for the costs of renewals and the time it takes to makes sure everything processes correctly, the day after I either sign-up to begin with or do a renewal.

For something simple like my driver’s license, I know that it is just a quick picture, fee, and I am done. It is something I need and have to have. It doesn’t require review or changes on my part. However, I always take the time to review my car insurance and health insurance coverage every time I have to renew. Not only do the policies, rules, and regulations change, but sometimes so does the coverage for what I was originally paying. I don’t want to be stuck without proper coverage.

Last year I started using my health insurance renewal period as the time of year that I also review my life insurance policy. Just like everything else, I want to make sure it fits with my current needs and lifestyle.

Double-check your life insurance policy. Is it current for your life? Does in need updating?

Time to make changes and renew…

One-way Rollercoaster

Life can be like a rollercoaster- full of ups and downs, corkscrews, high speeds and maybe even some motion sickness. There are times when all of us feel like we don’t matter as much as we should or even that we are undeserving of certain things.

No matter how many sudden drops you are thrown over, no matter how many sharp turns at high speeds lie ahead, no matter how motion sick life events you may make you feel, you should never question yourself. You deserve an amazing life and you deserve to protect yourself and your loved ones.

By protection, we mean Life Insurance. People often think they don’t need to bother with life insurance, because of their lack of husband/wife or lack of children. Others think they don’t need life insurance, because they are young, healthy, and think they are invincible. Some people don’t think they can get affordable life insurance, because they’re elderly or have a pre-existing/current medical issue. Some people think they don’t need life insurance because they think they are financially set for the future with a simple retirement plan.

If you fall into any of those categories, please understand that we are being honest when we tell you that YOU ARE WRONG.
No matter what you do in life, no matter what your age or job title or health history, your life is valuable and is worth protecting. Life is only a one-way ticket on the rollercoaster ride. Make sure you have all areas of it covered and protected.

Celebrate the Ones You Love

Cinco de Mayo was yesterday and boy did I eat my fair share of tacos! To tell you the truth, the 5th of May has absolutely nothing to do with how many tacos I eat. They are a part of my regular diet! YUM! Like many people, I like to use Cinco de Mayo and other holidays as a time make special arrangements to meet-up with friends, families, and loved ones to celebrate, eat food, laugh, and spend a little extra time together that we don’t regularly get to have.

Look at the beautiful loved ones that surround you during special occasions. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them, right?
Take a look back at the pictures from other holiday gatherings. Birthdays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. 4th of July.
Look at the smiles and happy candid expressions.

Recall your favorite moments.
It’s hard not to imagine happier times.
Think about how much love and support you give to and receive from these people.
They are your lifeline.
Now imagine if there was a sudden change of events – an accident, a death.
Would these people be able to handle your final expenses?
How does it make you feel knowing that your debts could become their responsibility?
Are you willing to impose such a financial burden?

Those statements aren’t meant to rain on the celebration parade, but rather be statements of reality. Knowing you have purchased a life insurance policy that covers your debts, takes care of final expenses, and provided future financial stability will make you breathe easier and worry less. It will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the special moments knowing you have done right by your loved ones. Now is the time to contact Susman Insurance and let them assist you in making one of the most important decisions of your life.
Have you done it yet?

Come on…the sooner you do, the sooner you can really relax and enjoy another taco…or whatever.

30 and Thriving

Uh oh…is 30 quickly approaching or GASP – has it already arrived?
16, 18, 21, 20 40, and so on. These tend to be what many people consider to be major steps and age/birthday celebrations in life. Of course these are only few among numerous milestones, but you get what we are saying.
So many people that I know made and make a very big deal out of turning 30. I don’t personally see what the big deal is, but to each their own. I do however see and understand the big deal behind making sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to insurance and finances at that age. I came across a great article with some very useful information that I wanted to pass along – focusing on personal finances.

1. When you reach 30 it is actually past time to start saving for retirement. Don’t ignore this! You REALLY do need to start saving!
2. Look into long-term investments
3. Check credit score, know your credit score, and know what’s on your credit report
4. Learn how to fix credit report errors – and FIX THEM!
5. Make/revise a budget and stick to it.
6. Build an emergency savings account that you never touch and don’t tell anyone about. Let it build and let it be!
7. Revisit your student loan status and see if you can consolidate, lower rates, or make bigger payments
8. Search for lower credit card interest rates or consider get rid of the cards all together
9. Meet with an agent and determine if you need life insurance
10. Stop working a ‘job’ and find your
11. Is it time to rent or to own?

This To-Do list could and should be significantly longer, but it is an excellent starting point to kick-off your 30’s with a string sense of you financial status and the direction to take in order to strengthen your status.