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Month: April 2016

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Eat Fat – Well, at Least the Healthy Kind

Part of having a long life is incorporating healthy foods into your diet and making sure your body receives the nutrients it needs. We like to promote health and wellness, because our hope is that while you already have your life insurance policy through Susman Insurance (we hope), you have a lifestyle that lends itself … Continue reading “Eat Fat – Well, at Least the Healthy Kind”

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Best Face Forward

It seems like almost every day there is another celebrity revealing an update in their look. Sometimes this update involves a little nip and tuck. Whether you care for the celebrity or not, it is hard not to have an opinion when you see the changes and updates. Sometimes opinions turn into ridicule which can … Continue reading “Best Face Forward”

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Life’s Little Indulgences

Do you like to indulge? I do! Life is about balance, but there are times when you have to let go a little more and indulge. Perhaps you buy a second pair of new shoes or maybe a larger milk shake. Whatever it may be, you must know that it is OKAY! On some recent … Continue reading “Life’s Little Indulgences”

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Coffee Addict

Our office has never hid the fact that we love coffee. Regular, decaffeinated, black, espresso, latte – whatever. It doesn’t matter. We are addicted! Addicted in the healthiest way, of course! We consider our addiction to a good thing, because of the benefits associated with consuming coffee. There are numerous myths surrounding coffee and often … Continue reading “Coffee Addict”

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Monthly Priorities

Okay…so I am going to pretend that all of you reading this do in fact have a life insurance policy. You planned accordingly and know what you final expenses will be and understand the importance of providing for and protecting your loved ones after you are gone. From the day you signed up for the … Continue reading “Monthly Priorities”

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Add to the Budget

Do you live beyond your means? Do live paycheck to paycheck? Is it a struggle to pay your bills? I am not asking if you make enough money, I am wondering if the money that you are making is being allotted to the appropriate items. Yes, I understand that there are a ton of people … Continue reading “Add to the Budget”

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Allergic Reaction

top of that I have celiac, which means no wheat or gluten for me. Sounds terrible, I know, but have no fear – I still manage to live a fulfilling and adventurous life while filling my belly with allergy-proof foods! I bring up the allergy issue, because I have had some pretty close calls. The … Continue reading “Allergic Reaction”

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It Won’t Hurt

Not every life insurance policy requires a medical exam. For example, the policy I get from work as a benefit didn’t require an exam. However, that isn’t the norm. The majority of life insurance companies require some type of exam. Don’t freak out. Worry about the medical exam is NOT a valid reason to skip … Continue reading “It Won’t Hurt”