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Protect What You Collect

Do you collect things?
Is your collection of Star Wars paraphernalia so massive and impressive that it would make George Lucas jealous? Do you have every Beanie Baby in existence? Perhaps your collection is a little more unique?

Check out some of these collections:
-Santa Clause – Sharon Badgley, is all about Santa Claus. Over the years she has amassed an impressive collection of Santa Claus dolls that number more than 6,000
-Happy Meal Toys – Luke Underwood was just 11 years old when he was able to boast a collection of over 7,000 promotional toys that were included with McDonald’s Happy Meals.
-Owls – Pam Barker of Leeds, Maine is happy to settle for owl dolls and other owl-themed novelty items. The collection of more than 18,000 owl-inspired items earned her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
-Beer Mugs – In Germany, Heinrich Kath is the collector of over 20,000 beer mugs does not drink beer
-Cigarette Boxes – A man named Wang Guohua in China has a collection of more than 30,000 cigarette boxes from more than 10 countries.
-Movie Cameras – Dimitris Pistiolas of Athens, Greece has more 930 vintage movie cameras and projectors.

For me, it is all about my book collection. I own over 3000 books. To say that I love to read is a MAJOR understatement. Saying that I love to collect books is always a MAJOR understatement. It is my favorite hobby and the easiest and fastest way for me to calm down and let go of a bad day. I love that even after reading just one paragraph, I am completely transported to another time and place. I love my book collection so much that I even have extra insurance on them. I rent, so I am required to have a specific amount of renter’s insurance for my apartment. I get extra insurance on top of that to specifically cover certain items – my books being part of that extra coverage. In the event of flood, fire, or whatever random accident may occur, I want to make sure that I will have the financial means necessary to replace all of those books. I keep a very detailed list, so I know what titles I would need to rebuild my personal library. Have you put the same time into protecting your own personal collection as you have building it?

Books may not be your collected item of choice, but I am sure something else is. In any case, be sure you have the right policy for the right items and people in your life.

What do you collect?
What do you collect?

Wake Up and Be Successful

I love mornings. Almost everyone in my life tries to do everything they can to avoid waking early the morning. For me, if the sun is up, I am up. I LOVE it!

One of the only other weekly events that gets as bad of a rap as mornings are Mondays. I will never understand why poor Monday always has to be picked on and bullied – especially when Monday isn’t anywhere the start of the work week for everyone anymore. In an effort to help show Mornings and Monday some love, I wanted to share the highlights of an article I came across called, 5 Ways Successful People Tackle Monday Morning by William Vanderbloemen (see link below for complete article).
While measuring success can be subjective, we all want to be successful in some shape or form. We want a successful insurance business, while perhaps you want to be successful at making pizza. It doesn’t matter – we all want it.

Here are some ways to kick start your day right into success mode:

Sleep, but do not snooze – there is no possible way to catch-up on lost sleep so it is important to get the best sleep you can when possible. Sunday night might be your most important night to sleep, so stop running yourself down to fumes and gets some rest. However, when Monday morning rolls around, DO NOT HIT SNOOZE! It tells your body that the wake-up was a joke and those few extra minutes cause more harm than good. Get up the first time and you will be more productive.

Get your body moving – yes, this means getting physical and exercise. This will help motivate you, improve performance, and keep you from falling into a slump – thus more productive and successful!

Don’t start work until you get to work – meaning stay away from work email! At the beginning of the week, you set your mental state and if you maintain focus on projects and devote brain power where it is needed, you will avoid the distractive power of email overload.

Avoid big decisions – don’t suddenly quit a job, project, workout, etc.…or make a huge decision on a Monday. That is not a healthy way to start the week. Wait for Tuesday.

Only schedule tangible result work – Monday should be a day of serious results to start the day and the week off on a successful and productive path. Making a list of attainable goals and project and checking them all off will help motivate your workflow the remainder of the week.

Do you want to be successful? How about giving mornings and Monday (and the combination of the two) are better try!


Make the Most of Every Morning
Make the Most of Every Morning

Meet Linda

This is a piece of Linda’s story.
Dale is Linda’s husband. They built an amazing life together and a very successful business.
Dale was a smart man and purchased the life insurance policy that would keep his family and his business running if anything were to happen to him. Unfortunately, Bill passed away. This story shows how important pre-planning can be.

Get One Already

Why do you not have life insurance?

Health insurance in now required. That is your body you are protecting and making sure it is covered in case a medical emergency arises. You wouldn’t know what to do if there was a major medical expense due to your health and you didn’t have coverage. Therefore, you get health insurance to stay protected. Why? It is the right thing – the responsible thing to do.
Car insurance – required. In almost every state, it is required by law. This covers the physical property of your vehicle, as well as drivers and passengers. A car is a tangible item that gets you from point A to point B. For many of us, it is something that we cannot live without. Most of us need a car to ‘survive.’ What do you do? You insure it. Why? It is the right thing – the responsible thing to do.
So…you are going to protect yourself and have coverage for everything from a cold to major surgery? You are going to make sure your car has protection so you never have to go without personal transportation? Additionally, you choose to cover your house, your dog, your valuables, and more!

So I ask again…
Why do you not have life insurance?

Is treating a cold more important than protecting your family after you are gone?
Is making sure you can get a replacement vehicle a priority over making sure your loved ones aren’t stuck with your debt? How do you think that makes them feel that they are less important than your car? How would it make you feel if you weren’t a priority to you loved ones?
Perhaps it is time to reprioritize and decide what really needs to be protected – now and for the future. Time to get a life insurance policy.

Get One Already
Get One Already