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Month: March 2016

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Protect What You Collect

Do you collect things? Is your collection of Star Wars paraphernalia so massive and impressive that it would make George Lucas jealous? Do you have every Beanie Baby in existence? Perhaps your collection is a little more unique? Check out some of these collections: -Santa Clause – Sharon Badgley, is all about Santa Claus. Over … Continue reading “Protect What You Collect”

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Wake Up and Be Successful

I love mornings. Almost everyone in my life tries to do everything they can to avoid waking early the morning. For me, if the sun is up, I am up. I LOVE it! One of the only other weekly events that gets as bad of a rap as mornings are Mondays. I will never understand … Continue reading “Wake Up and Be Successful”

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Meet Linda

This is a piece of Linda’s story. Dale is Linda’s husband. They built an amazing life together and a very successful business. Dale was a smart man and purchased the life insurance policy that would keep his family and his business running if anything were to happen to him. Unfortunately, Bill passed away. This story … Continue reading “Meet Linda”

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Get One Already

Why do you not have life insurance? Health insurance in now required. That is your body you are protecting and making sure it is covered in case a medical emergency arises. You wouldn’t know what to do if there was a major medical expense due to your health and you didn’t have coverage. Therefore, you … Continue reading “Get One Already”