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Kidney Disease Sufferers Rejoice! Health Insurance Is Available!

Not too long ago, if you suffered from a kidney disease or kidney stones, you would either have to pay a prohibitively high premium for health insurance or you wouldn’t be able to obtain health insurance at all. You’d most likely have to rely on government medical programs for any health issues beyond your kidney problems that might arise, or you’d have to go to an expensive private practitioner. Well, those days are gone thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Even if you have Kidney Disease we can help you get life insurance. Today.
Even if you have Kidney Disease we can help you get life insurance. Today.

One of the major points of the healthcare act is that a pre-existing condition, such as kidney disease, can no longer be a cause for the rejection of a health insurance application or denial of coverage. What this means is that if you suffer from kidney disease and require special medications, care, or even dialysis, you will be able to obtain coverage and needed medical services. Your required medications will also be fully covered.

Of course, your new coverage may still require co-pays, both for office visits and medications. However, thanks to the provisions in the new law, you will be able to afford the coverage that you can no longer be denied.

You Need Renters Insurance!

Okay, so you don’t own the house or apartment you live in, but you own the items inside, right? Your bed, the television you watch, the computer you’re using to read this; all belong to you or someone who lives in the house. So why not make sure you can afford to replace these things in the event something happens.

Sure you may think, “Meh, all my stuff is old and broken down. It’s not worth insuring.”

Also known as Tenant insurance protects your stuff! Let us help you get the insurance you need!
Also known as Tenant insurance protects your stuff! Let us help you get the insurance you need!

It may be old and not in the best shape, but it’s still useable. Also, just because you don’t think something is worth much, doesn’t mean someone won’t steal it. Now, imagine how much it would cost to replace your old stuff. All of it.

That insurance is sounding better and better, isn’t it?

Renters insurance is pretty inexpensive. Sure you might have to give up a latte or two — a month — to afford it, but isn’t going without caffeine worth the peace of mind of knowing that if your landlord’s “trick” to fixing the breaker box is unsuccessful and the building catches fire, all your worldly possessions can be replaced?

Get renters insurance.


Thank you.

Yes, It Can Wait!

We’ve all seen people doing crazy things while they’re driving. We’ve seen makeup applied, coffee sipped, sandwiches eaten, even clothes being changed, all while someone is maneuvering a three-ton vehicle down a road at 65 miles-per-hour. It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous.

But those things pale in comparison to watching someone trying to talk or text on a cell phone while driving. It doesn’t matter how many multi-tasking championship belts you’ve won, no one can effectively text and drive while tooling down the 405 without putting other people at risk.

No one.

The right car insurance can make all the difference if you have a claim.
The right car insurance can make all the difference if you have a claim.

The stats don’t lie. Check out these nuggets:

Distractions caused by drivers using hand-held devices make them 4 times more likely to be in an injury-causing accident.

Using a cell phone while driving lowers the brain activity used for driving by 37 percent.

Sending or receiving a texts requires a driver to take his eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. This means that at 55 miles-per-hour, a person can drive the length of a football field and never look at the road.

In short, using a cell phone while driving makes you deaf, dumb and blind. So just drive, will ya?

Yes I Have Worker’s Comp Insurence, It’s the Law

I have a safe, reliable office job, but even in the office accidents can happen. Thankfully they are rare in an environment like this, but when accidents do happen, it gives me peace of mind to know that if something happened to me my worker’s compensation insurance -which my employer is required to provide by law– would cover me in the event of work related illness or injury.

After all, you never know what could happen. The other day, my desk mate, Penny was using her stapler to collate the new safety manual for the office when her phone rang. In what could have been a terrible disaster, the stapler flew out of her hand and nearly missed our supervisor, Bob. It was so close that he later said he felt it whizz by before he realized what happened. Thankfully it missed and he was fine. He started laughing and the whole office did too.

But it got me thinking, what if it hadn’t missed and it hit someone in the head? Those staplers can be pretty heavy. Or what if she had stapled her hand instead? That’s why I’m grateful for workman’s comp.

Worker's Comp is the best way for an employer to protect themselves
Worker’s Comp is the best way for an employer to protect themselves

People drive drunk so I carry auto insurance

Did you ever get behind somebody on the road who looks like they’re seeing a whole different road than you are? Maybe they’re going too slow, stopping randomly or weaving to avoid imaginary elephants in the road. In any case, you might be seeing a drunk driver–a rolling reminder of why we need auto insurance.

According to the Drinkinganddriving.org, there are 900,000 drunk driving arrests each year. Those are just the ones who actually get caught–imagine how many other drunken yahoos are out there evading the police and looking to smash up your beautiful new ride?

Do not drive drunk.
Do not drive drunk.

Unfortunately, the same sort of person who lacks the good judgment to have a designated driver when they go on their drinking tour of the east coast is usually the same sort of person who thinks that liability insurance is for suckers. This means that when one of these drunken clowns runs into you, you’d better have good coverage on your vehicle, including uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, or else you may find yourself paying for your car repairs out of pocket. For me, as long as people drive drunk, I’m going to carry plenty of auto insurance.

Children have a Right to have Life Insurance Regardless

When the insurance company I choose was ready to sell me a policy for my child, they find out my child has juvenile diabetes, I was not be surprised when they turned me down. When you are turned down for life insurance, it is a disheartening feeling. Your thoughts are, if you cannot get a policy for your child when they are young, how they are going to get one when they are an adult.

A youngster can have any number of illnesses such as, diabetes, joint pain or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or JRA. These diagnoses are not going to disappear. These diagnoses must be managed throughout the child’s life. Some insurance companies feel that the child is only going to get worse as they reach adulthood, which is why many get turned down for preexisting conditions.

Protect your kids and your entire family with Life Insurance
Protect your kids and your entire family with Life Insurance

There are hundreds of various life insurance companies on the market today. You can buy a good life insurance plan for your child. The important thing to remember is to buy that life insurance before the child gets any older. If you are able to lock in a low insurance rate early, the rate will not change and is better managed as the child becomes an adult.

Find a trusting, licensed life insurance agent and let him or her find a policy that will help your child as they grow. If the policy is large, enough the child can borrow built up funds for college. Funds are also available for emergencies. Contact us today, we can help you with your child’s policy at a rate you can afford.

Wildfires are Scary so I have Home Insurance

I do not have to worry about wildfires destroying my home because I have a home insurance policy . My agent recommended that I made sure I asked for replacement cost of my home , not the cash value of my home . My policy will cover fires inside and outside the home such as a wildfire.

I live in a zone of the United States that is prone to wildfires, so I had my agent and an endorsement to my basic policy for additional coverage. This costs me only pennies more per month , and I am secure in the knowledge that I am well covered .

My homeowner’s policy will pay for living expenses while my home is rebuilt or repaired . If there is a wildfire in my area and the fire does not damage my home , but the smoke and soot did damage my policy will pay for repairs and cleanup.

Be sure you have the right homeowners insurance to protect your home from wildfires
Be sure you have the right homeowners insurance to protect your home from wildfires

This wildfire endorsement will cover over and above of what my basic coverage pays . This policy does state that it will not pay for extraordinary circumstances such as a, bar-b-q gone wrong , or a fire pit not constructed safely resulting in major damage to my home .

Do Not Let a Diagnosis Keep You From Buying Life Insurance

If you do not have a life insurance policy because you think that you cannot get a policy due to preexisting conditions, think twice. There are hundreds of life insurance policies available for anyone who wants coverage. Preexisting conditions, such as, any number of infectious diseases, influenza, a diabetic who is insulin dependent, someone who has diagnosed as iron deficient anemia, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome or itching, can get life insurance coverage.

If my friend who is a diabetic and needs daily insulin shots can get a good life insurance policy, you can get life insurance. Regardless of what kind of medical condition you may have, such as, those listed above you are entitled to life insurance and are able to get a good policy.

Pre-existing conditions or not, we can help you get the life insurance you need!
Pre-existing conditions or not, we can help you get the life insurance you need!

Do not let any insurance company tell you that you will never get a policy because you have an infectious disease or head lice. You will not want insurance through that company anyway.

Any number of life insurance policies is available for your choosing. Do your research and find a reputable life insurance agent who cares about your need and desire to be covered. You need to protect yourself for the end of life expenses and not place unnecessary financial burdens on family members because you did not have yourself covered, and family members had to pay for your funeral costs.

Life insurance policies are also a great way to safe for the future for any number of things, such as, college, a home, marriage, emergencies and of course funeral expenses. Do not delay in getting the protection you need, contact us today. We can help you.

I save money on car insurance by driving safely

I have discovered some simple truths about insurance in general, and car insurance in particular.

I’ve learned if you want to save money on your homeowners’ insurance, don’t burn down your house. If you want to save money on health insurance premiums, get healthier. You can even save money on life insurance by losing weight or quitting smoking. I’ve also discovered the irrefutable truth that I save money on car insurance by driving safely.

Being a safe driver will save you money on your car insurance.
Being a safe driver will save you money on your car insurance.

Oh, driving safely doesn’t mean doing 55 in a 70 or putting your turn signal on a block ahead of time. It just means paying attention, practicing some defensive driving skills and of course, obeying the traffic laws. Sounds simple enough, but you may be surprised at the number of grown adults who choose to pay more for their auto insurance by ignoring these things. Then of course, you have those who tempt the car insurance premium gods by texting while driving. To each his own, I guess.

Look, I know I save money on car insurance by driving safely. You can too. Give it a try. You may not only save some money, you may just save a life.

Why You Can Get Life Insurance

Yeast infections are no fun and can be rather dangerous, depending on their location and cause. However, with proper treatment, the infections themselves are seldom life-threatening. However, many people think that because they have some sort of ailment, this prevents them from qualifying for life insurance.

Now, it’s true that once upon a time, only the healthiest of healthy people could get or afford life insurance. But it hasn’t been that way since the Edsel went out of production. If you need life insurance — and that includes anyone who owns anything, has a family or just wants to make sure the family left behind isn’t stuck with the credit card payment — then you can get it. Some might have to pay more, but that’s the price you pay when you ride a Harley or think base jumping is the coolest thing to do on your weekends. But even at a higher price, you can get it.

The one type of insurance that you know you can use. Everybody dies, eventually.
The one type of insurance that you know you can use. Everybody dies, eventually.

So, take your meds and head to your local agents office and get a policy and the protection you and your family needs.