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Size Really Does Matter!

Driving in California is like dodging snowflakes in winter, the smaller the car the better your chance of avoiding a gas station. Not everyone owns a Prius, either. There is also an abundance of Camrys, Accords and Civics darting in and out of traffic. It seems the smaller the car, the longer the distance between fuel stops. By the same token, larger trucks are an oddity on West Coast highways. Hummers and SUVs stand out like sore thumbs, probably because they can mostly be found bellied up to a gas pump.

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a Beamer in every drive way and Hollywood is not full of sports cars. Granted, there are areas that look like Germany had an overflow problem, but for the most part drivers in California want a quality car that is good on gas. Traffic in the Golden State can be insane sometimes, so purchasing a smaller car that is dependable as well as affordable is part of the territory.

In a state where economy is the key, a fuel efficient vehicle can mean the difference between living from pay check to pay check or saving for your children’s college fund. While smaller seems to be better in some cases, the choice is yours to find the right car to fit your individual needs.

All About Home Warranties Insurance

Buying a home is a long and expensive process and requires a major investment from both the buyer and the seller. Like any other investment the home buyer makes, they want their investment to be protected. This is where home warranties come in. Depending on local customs, home warranties are bought by either the buyer or the seller, because they protect both parties. These policies are relatively inexpensive and are usually prepaid for a year in advance. Reviews and comparisons of policies can be found here.

These policies cover a number of different things related to the home. Most commonly covered are things like air conditioning, doorbells, electrical systems, duct work, and telephone wiring. When the homeowner has a problem that is covered under the warranty, they contact the home warranty company, which then makes arrangements for the appliance or system to be repaired or replaced. In most cases, the home owner must pay a small service fee, which would be much smaller than if they paid for the service out right. There are different types of policies, and each policy covers different things. Your real estate agent can help you find out more information about your policy, including if upgrades are available.

You should also remember that like any other warranty, sometimes the warranty company will decline a claim. This may be because you have violated the policy by making unapproved repairs, or because the damage was due to negligence or improper use instead of normal and safe practices. When signing the policy, make sure you understand what is and is not covered, and that you otherwise understand the terms of the policy. This will prevent further heartbreak and stress down the road.

Sometimes a claim is denied even if you feel that it is legitimate. In this case, you can turn to your real estate agent for help. Often a real estate agent can act as a liaison between you and the home warranty company. Most warranty companies would avoid costly litigation and would prefer to reach an amicable situation as their client. Above all, if you are considering buying such a warranty or you have been given one as a gift, it is very important to understand the warranty as fully as possible, so that any problems can be solved as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Vanishing Deductable by Allied Insurance

What if you had a tool that you could make your problems just disappear? You know that pile of paper work in your Inbox that just keeps growing? Or how your lawn keeps growing no matter how you cut it? Or that relentless customer that always has a problem with everything, but mostly because they can’t get their head on straight? Or that pesky deductible on your auto insurance What if someone offered you a tool that could help you make your problems disappear? You’d take it, right?

Well, we have that tool. While we can’t get rid of your paperwork, or keep the grass cut, or help with pesky customers, we can help your deductible disappear, and that certainly worth something. In fact, it may be worth $500. This is how Vanishing deductible works: each year eligible drivers receive up to $100 dollars off their deductible for safe driving. It’s that simple. So for each year that you don’t get into an accident, your deductible goes down $100, and continue to do so until you reach $500 dollars. This is exciting news for safe drivers who have less than a $500 deductible. This means you could make your deductible invisible.

Should You Buy Whole or Term Life Insurance?

The simple answer for most young, healthy people is term life insurance. But to answer that question you need to know the difference between term and whole life insurance. Term is life insurance only, and whole life insurance is both life insurance and some form of investment. You can also find more information at the glossary here.

For most people term, life insurance makes more sense because it is cheaper, and returns on whole life insurance are not always good. Whole life insurance only gives good returns if the policy is held for a long time, maybe 20 years or more. Overall whole life insurance is more expensive, because you are not only paying for the insurance policy, but your are paying for the investment part. For these two reasons alone, term life insurance is the right choice for most people. The investment component of these life insurance policies is often not as good as other forms of investment, because the insurers are experts in insurance, not stocks and mutual funds.

Many people are talked into buying whole life insurance as a good way to invest for retirement. For the most part, however, there are much better ways of saving towards retirement. Whole life insurance policies often have high fees and cost associated with them, as opposed to other retirement plans. For people under the age of 50 and in good health, term life insurance is a much better option.

There are reasons to buy whole life insurance. For wealthy people, this may be a good way of estate planning. A whole life policy can be set up so that a trust from the policy pays all their estate taxes. Other people who may wish to buy whole life insurance over term are people in their 40’s and 50’s who are just now starting a family. But just because someone invested in a whole life policy doesn’t mean they should cash out now and buy a cheaper term life policy. All policies take time to mature, and cashing in on a policy before it matures is a good way to lose all the money invested in a policy.

There are many options to consider when decided on a life insurance policy, and a short article is not enough to make a decision. This is why it is always important to talk to an expert, especially if considering a whole life policy.

Renaissance Auto Coverage


This Renaissance Fair fan’s Mercury moment came shortly she attended an event in Panorama City and unwisely chose to park in front of the castle’s front gate. When the gate opened downward in order to provide a footbridge across the castle moat, it instead provided a means for a Renaissance mob to escape the structure: directly atop this fan’s car. Instead of debating issues of comparative negligence with her claims adjuster — perhaps with a sword — the damage to her car was repaired. Get a proposal and safe parking recommendations here.

Considering the Cost of Home Insurance Before You Buy


The National Association of Realtors and the Insurance Information Institute strongly recommend that homebuyers obtain information on a home’s condition through reports such as "CLUE" and "A+." These reports provide a history of home loss history reports for the previous five years and help determine the amount of your home insurance premiums once the property is purchased. In other words, the projected cost of insuring your new home in Toluca Lake should be a key factor in choosing which property to buy, not just a final detail to be taken care of before closing.

All parties are said to win with loss reports. The seller is helped to demonstrate full disclosure, the buyer knows the property history and estimated insurance costs and insurance companies are helped to manage costs and keep rates stable.

Get a proposal and more information here.

Love Conquers Almost


This new bride’s Mercury moment takes place in the driveway of her Mt. Waterman home as she holds her small screechy dog, Pookie. As her new husbands carries in some truly repulsive pieces of furniture from the moving van, she explains that with the marriage she not only became insured under her husband’s preexisting policy but has acquired his attempts at decor as well. He, In turn, gets Pookie. Mercury can’t guarantee the taste or quality of your belongings, but it can insure them. To obtain a quote, visit here.



This mother and teenaged son’s Mercury Moment happened shortly after the young man, Colin, received his driver’s license and was allowed to drive to his golf lesson in Leimert Park. As he quickly came to realize, parking near the driving range was not a wise decision. The car, as he later states with a smirk, "got hammered." Mom was relieved to enjoy Mercury’s inexpensive teen insurance rates without a significant surcharge to cover this age group. Get more information and a quote here.

Boys Night In


A middle-aged man recounts his Mercury Moment as shared with his friend who was visiting the host’s Ladera Heights home to watch a game and spend a "boys night in." Unfortunately, shortly after a leak began from the ceiling, the two were treated to a shower of water, ceiling and plaster. Sports fan man was happy to relate the special care and conditions provided by Mercury that included items and services he would not have considered. Individuals who hold both home and auto coverage through Mercury can save up to 15 percent in premium costs. Find out more and get a quote here.

When It Rains, It Pours


This Mercury Moment was recounted by an African-American woman who returned to her home in Cheviot Hills after work to find a broken water pipe in her home. Already convinced of Mercury’s superior auto insurance coverage, she was happy to discover the company’s Homeowner’s Insurance Policy to be just as responsive and reliable. Individuals who hold both home and auto coverage through Mercury can save up to 15 percent in premium costs. Find out more and get a quote here.